Saturday, September 21, 2013

Of Goodreads and haters

Read Goodreads's announcement here.

Why, in the name of Alah, Zeus and Odin, would you write a book review about the author? That is, of course, unless said author stole your man/woman!

So Goodreads is going to delete ALL reviews attacking authors. In their comments, I saw questions like “I have a shelf labeled ‘authors to avoid,’ would that be deleted??

Seriously, people? What’s up with that? I thought the purpose of using Goodreads is to keep track of what you’ve read or are going to read, not what you wouldn’t.

For instance, I started reading Obsidian but DNF it because I didn’t like it. Does that mean that I will never read a book by Armentrout again? Nooo…. ! In the future, I might or might not read another book by her, as long Daemon and Kitty Kat are not in there. By the way, I think Armentrout is a genius for writing an entire series that appeals to so many readers (half of the world seem to love this Lux series).

Since I DNF Obsidian, Isn’t it obvious that I would avoid that author? Why would I need a reminder in the form of a shelf with books of authors I should avoid?

Does that mean that when you read a summary you like, you first check your ‘authors to avoid’ shelf to see if that author is in your list? Hmmm, and what if the summary was really interesting and you really wanted to read it? Would you not read it because it is already by an author you should avoid? Okay, I’m going to stop here but, do you see where I’m going with this?

Anyway, if you disliked an author so much, one would think that you’d be able to remember their names… Of course, unless, 

a) you think so highly of your influence on readers that you want us to know what authors are worth it – according to you; 
b) you have a little cult following your steps; 
and c) you want us to know the authors you avoid because just their names cause you ulcers – since you haven’t actually read the books.

I totally support and agree with Goodreads. Let’s focus on keeping our reviews about the work of the author not the person.

And before you go MIA and delete your account from GR because ------ and ------ (fill in the blanks), think about changing your ‘authors to avoid’ folder to a term more politically correct, maybe????

STOP HATIN,’ people! Authors are geniuses, otherwise you’d write a book too :-)