Thursday, September 5, 2013

Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes

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Review by F.S.

What a sad book this is turning out to be. Surely because I could recognize or sympathize with some of the traits of the vignettes of lonely people.

Certainly it couldn’t have been a coincidence for all those people dying alone and being discovered much after their deaths, all within the same city.

Ah, but alas, the book was not just a commentary on the state of society; it turned into a real crime story, with a sociopath right at the center. I guessed it a quarter of the way in (I’m no genius, the story was leading me to it) and immediately my sadness turned into excitement and curiosity and piqued interest.

Sure, the social motifs were still there, but now there was an identified common thread –besides the decay of our society and our lacking mental health system, which apparently is just as lacking in the U.K.

I confess I have a little obsession with the Investigation Discovery channel, Dateline and 20/20 type of shows (aside: my husband sometimes fears I am doing research for when I finally decide to kill him) and I am fascinated and very fearful of psychopaths and sociopaths, especially because they are so hard to recognize and I’m afraid of being the target of one.

I kept reading in hopes of an eventual discovery and confrontation, even if it was too late as it turned out to be in the book, and as it often is in real life.

In conclusion, I really “enjoyed” Human Remains. It provided a nice break from all the dystopian YA novels I’d been reading. This book was very decidedly adult, sinister, and psychological.

Elizabeth Haynes