Saturday, August 3, 2013

What is Bloglovin' up to?

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What is Bloglovin' up to? I just wonder why they are still so technologically behind. Oh! They have this new thing for you to see your friends activity (it's on the right top corner). You just need to connect with Facebook!!!! Isn't it wonderful? As in, In how many places can you stalk people?

And why would I want to see my friend's activity on Bloglovin' if I already can do that on Facebook? Do I really have time to check what other bloggers are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin', Goodreads.... add any other sites you use :-)

What I would love for Bloglovin' to work on is showing the number of 'Comments' at the footer or each post. Why? No particular reason, but a) I just feel like seeing the number of comments there; and b) sometimes I know what the post is about, so I just want to jump to the comments.

And improvement #2: you see how on the top right hand corner it shows 'favorites,' 'other,' etc. (this will depend on the categories you've created); well, what I actually want is to choose what posts I see when I load Bloglovin'. I mean, instead of the long list of posts, I want to be able to choose if I want my 'favorite' blogs or my 'adult' category to be displayed right on.

What about you?

What would you like Bloglovin' to change or add?