Monday, August 26, 2013

The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen

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Ruby's acquaintance, Beth, disappeared; the odd thing is that Ruby received Beth's suitcase. For once, our main character doesn't embark in a journey to find out what happened. Well, she does go here and there kind of snooping around, but not for that particular reason. What is eating Ruby inside is that she wants to know if Beth had an affair with her ex-boyfriend (Ruby's, that is).

But even worst, Ruby can't stop wondering "did he dumped me for Beth????"
Arrrggghh, I've been there too, so I could just imagine Ruby thinking about this day and night. Of course that if (like 15 years ago?) I've had the chance to find out the "real" reason for that abrupt break up (being work-busy is not a valid excuse guys!!!) I would have....

As got immersed in the story,  I would occasionally say to Ruby "let it go girl, it's already done." But really, she did what I wished I had done: find out who "stole" my man!!! What Ruby discovered is not pretty. At all.

Hansen's writing is lovely! It has kind of a hypnotic effect because I couldn't put it down even when I was reading some trivial parts about Ruby's romance.

The subject of story is VERY interesting because it involves the romance of a college professor and his student. When I started reading this I was all infuriated like "no, this is just wrong! Professors DO NOT date their students! Please god, tell me this doesn't end well because, what is the message that Hansen will be sending here?" Yeah, sometimes I get all that righteous.

I was totally immersed in Ruby's thesis about women writers and suicide. Has Hansen actually written something about that? I need to find out.

The ending was a little too simplistic for such a good beginning and buildup. It came and went fast, and it left me empty. After I had invested so much of myself (comparing my exes to Ruby's) I wanted some other type of closure. Really, not nice to leave a girl open-ended like that.

I am proud to say that I was able to figure out the plagiarism part!!! Yes, sometimes I am brilliant too.

However, the ending did take me entirely by surprise. I did not see that coming! At all. It was like those stories where a new character is introduced all suddenly and, well, how could have anyone seen that coming?

Over all, yes, I liked it very much!!!!!!

Amy Gail Hansen