Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quarantine: The Saints by Lex Thomas

Summary on Goodreads.

Oh! Lex and Thomas did it again in this sequel to Quarantine: The Loners.

Book #2, The Saints is as horrifying and disgustingly explicit as the first!! :-)

However, I have a little problem with Quarantine #2: I had no idea what was going on in the opening chapter. I had completely forgotten how Quarantine #1 ended, so here I was trying to connect – again, with Will and Lucy.

But once I got into it again, I became absorbed in the grotesque environment of the school again.

Let me give you a tiny advancement: Sam got what was coming for him! Oh yeah, baby. I enjoyed every single moment of Sam’s… let’s say predicament.

So, since this was Sam’s time, I just figure the next book will be about Hilary. You will not believe what the bitch did! Thomas better comes up with something really, really awesome – in a bad way – for Hilary.

Oh! Almost forgot about the Saints, this other group in book #2 that I can’t remember if it was already present in book #1. And, if it wasn’t, where did they get so many members from?

Anyway, the leader of the Saints, Gates, almost drove me to skip pages with his constant search for adventure, aka adrenaline. I later understood what that was all about, but as I was reading I was really wondering what the point of Gates and his constant stunts were.

All in all, this a sequel didn’t disappoint me!!!!