Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Most Translated Book?

What are the most translated books in history?

If you are thinking of Harry Potter, you are wrong! But the book is one of the most translated ones :-)

If you thought of The Bible, you are right :-)

1. The Bible, 469 languages
2. Pinocchio, 260 languages
3. The Pilgrim’s Progress, 200 languages
4. The Little Prince, 180 languages
5. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 174 languages
6. The Imitation of Christ, 95 languages
7. Alice in Wonderland, 97 languages
8. Harry Potter, 67 languages
9. The Alchemist, 67 languages

See the entire list here.

Hey! Where is Twilight?

I was looking for a list of most translated books expecting to find Perfume by  among the list because, have you seen how many covers the book has?

Okay, Alice in Wonderland must have a lot more covers, but today I woke up thinking about Perfume and decided to check it out.

I was saving covers, and covers, and covers.... and got tired. So here is a slide show of just 20 covers.