Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lake Thirteen by Greg Herren

Summary on Goodreads.

I am having a hard time trying to understand where all the 5 star reviews for this book come from.

Yes, this is a ghost story, but it is also a coming out of the closet one. Scotty is gay and just came out, so he is having anxiety issues wondering how his friends are going to react to the news. Which is very odd because, at one point, he says that they are not really close and they are not really his friends. They just meet once a year, spend a week together and never talk again.

At some other point, Scotty says that they are his closest friends and it was very important for him to know what they thought of him being gay. So, are they or aren’t they close friends? Make up your mind Scotty.

I think Lake Thirteen would be an appropriate book for homosexual teenagers that would like to come out and might need support.

I am not going to talk anymore about the gay aspect because the book is targeted as a ghost story and that is why I read it.

So, the ghost story. I am giving it 2 stars because I finished it last night, and I couldn't turn off the light (for a while, that is). so for a moment there, I felt scared!!!

At 6% Scotty goes on and on describing his beautiful boyfriend (perfect tan, body, hair, smile, and probably DNA too). Okay, I get it, the guy is a milkshake of Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson. However, when Scotty shows the picture to his friend Teresa, all she says is “he’s cute.” Not a biggie, but if the guy is gorgeous, put some emotion into it!

As soon as Scotty and friends get to Lake Thirteen he starts having a feeling that he’s been in that place before. They go to the cemetery and there, Scotty has kind of a supernatural experience. I was frankly tired of reading how cold he was and “why didn’t I bring my sweater?”

At 40% on Kindle NOTHING had happened. Scotty had dreams that may not have been dreams of going outside and sensing that “something evil is out there. Something evil wants me.”The kid’s friendship felt fake; more like Herren was writing what friends were supposed to say but he didn’t add any meaning to it.

Why would you go into the woods if you feel something evil is in there? I know, this is the way books work.
The entire book was a failed attempt to create tension that reminded of The Darkling.