Monday, July 29, 2013

The Well to Tirnanog by E. Reilly

Summary on Goodreads.

The Well to Tirnanog is an exciting and moving ride through Irish mythology.

In the year 995 AD, the evening before the “darker half” of the year, little Svana goes to get water from the well behind her hut and finds herself face to face with a messenger from an Otherworld.

The encounter takes Svana to the mythical Irish land of Trinanog inhabited by the Tuatha Dedannan, descendants from goddess Dune and the fifth tribe said to have settled in Ireland.

Why is she there and how can she return to Earth? Soon, Svana's world is transformed from mere mortal chores to a true adventure as she learns the role she is to play in the future of her people and her own.

The Well to Tirnanog is also a learning experience of Irish mythology. You know how with The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao some readers wished there was a glossary for all the Dominican slang that was used throughout the book? Well, Tirnanog has a glossary and timeline for reference, which comes very handy and helps to put the reading into actual historical context.

Reilly writing is elegant, lyrical, and ... layered. BUT, unlike League of Somebodies, Reilly's writing is digestible, light and fun, and easy to delve into for the common man like myself even if she's writing about the supernatural.

I wonder how much research Reilly had to do for this story, but her passion for Ireland is palpable.