Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Sinners and the Sea: the untold story of Noah's wife by Rebecca Kanner

Summary on GoodReads.

It started good but I lost interest when Noah was introduced. I don't know if he changed later on (because I couldn't finish the book) but at the beginning Noah was a very unlikable character. I know the story is not about him, but still. I doubt any fearful men of "the God of Adam" would treat their wife as a mating tool.

And Noah was dirty, with claws? Okay, long fingernails. Eeeooohhh! Kanner made him look and sound demented! I know, the bible says that people called him crazy for forecasting rain, but it doesn't mean he actually looked the part. And we all know he wasn't actually crazy because at the end it rained, didn't it?

I found very little biblical context in the story. I know is fiction, but the liberties taken with in the book just ruined it for those who have a decent amount of biblical knowledge.

Some things left me hanging. For instance, the wedding; or should I say the lack of it? Noah goes into... the girl's tent to bring her with him, and that is that. Was marriage just like that? As in, "come now, we have to get going." I didn't expect a celebration but a little explanation, maybe?

I usually enjoy the dialogue and writing style found in The Sinners and the Sea, but for some inexplicable reason I got bored.

Bored of the "wife" passiveness and the kind of nothingness that was going on.

As I said before, maybe everything changed later in the book, but it didn't keep me interested to find out.

Biblical fiction? Barely. I loved The Red Tent which this book is compared to. Not a chance.

The Sinners and the Sea lacks research, development and depth.

If you'd like to read good biblical fiction read Francine Rivers instead.