Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revenge of the girl with great personality by Elizabeth Eulberg

Summary on GoodReads.

Some teenagers might be entertained reading how Lexi went from “ugly duckling” to swan. And I use “ugly duckling” with quotations because Lexie never considers herself to be ugly, just not pretty.

And what is the norm in stories about non-pretty girls? Well, that they change (by putting on some makeup, fix their hair, and change their clothes) and become hotties.

Revenge of the girl with great personality is not different. It is a light, entertaining read if you are on the beach and want to read something quick, uncomplicated. Don’t look for depth or a life-changing message in the story because there’s none.

After Lexi’s transformation, she becomes almost the center of attention; oddly, she is upset of getting so much attention just because she changed her looks… This didn’t make sense at all. Didn’t she just change her looks to get attention? Why, then, argue when you are getting it?

I totally agree on using your looks when your brain and great personality aren’t getting you what you want! But don’t act offended all self-righteous when men look at you as a sex object.

Many bloggers feel that the title of the book is misleading because there’s no betrayal in the story; thus no actual revenge is done. However, I feel that the title is very fitting. In the book, Lexi equals “great personality” with being ugly and fat. So she changes her looks (although she is neither ugly nor fat) to prove that girls with great personalities can be physically beautiful too. This, my dear readers who’ve made this far, is her revenge.