Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L Reid

Summary on GoodReads.

Do you like stories where:

1.- the guy (Jeff) dumps his girlfriend of four years (Quinn) without explanation (by text message)?

2.- dumped girl (Quinn) has no personality, is annoying, ridiculously in love with ex (Jeff), and hopes ex comes back to his senses and asks her out again?

3.- Quinn's friend (Aaron) is in love with her. He does nothing but defend her from anyone who finds her ridiculous and mental because she's still in love with ex (and at one point, talking to self)?

4.- Quinn has demonic visions that she is having trouble separating from her mind and reality. Thus, Quinn spends good part of the book saying to herself "this is not real. You are not there..."?

5.- the rest of the characters are background noise to fill the pages? They amount to nothing, mean nothing, and convey nothing.

Then you will definitely enjoy Pretty Dark Nothing! In total honesty, the story is superficial, boring, and the characters annoying.

Oh! almost forgot :-) Yes, I too have been dumped (by email, mind you). Cried for weeks. Wished ex back. Dated some other guy to get over ex. Almost got back with ex...

My point is that what Quinn is going through is perfectly real and normal. Unfortunately, the delivery was bad. It is one thing to know that guys cheat, dump you, you want them back, etc., etc., etc., and another one to read about it.

Without enough explanations, world building, character development and the sort, characters like Quinn, Jeff and Aaron come across as selfish, self absorbed, cowards, annoying, and boring literary beings.

And this is just book #1? God helps us all!

P.S.: Awesome cover, though! And I HAVE to stop falling for them :-)