Sunday, July 14, 2013

How much advancement for ONE book?

Vikram Seth had such a success with his book A Suitable Boy, that he was paid $1.7 million  in advanced to write A Suitable Girl... like four years ago! Wait, was it in 1993 or 2009? Doesn't matter, it's been a while.

Well, the publisher (Hamish Hamilton) wants the money back because, you know, four years is a LONG time! Hell, Stephen King would write 12 books in that time!

But to be fair, Seth did warn them of his long creative process when he said "I am quite a lazy person as well as obsessive, so who knows when the book will actually get done? I hope it'll get done by the target date."

Obviously, I now have to read A Suitable Boy to see what sequel was worth that much money in advanced. Source: The Week.

For those of you who read Gone Girl (and hated the first half of the book but loved the second), do you see Ben Affleck as Nick? I do! I do!

And who will play psycopaht Amy? Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt are said to be praying for the part.
I personally see Theron playing the part. But who knows? Emily Blunt gotta eat too :-)

And lastly, would you skip the Ender's Game movie just because Orson Scott Card is anti-gay? 

Well, a boycott is going on because of this. I mean, aren't we all entitled to our values, believes, perceptions, opinions and such?

Does everybody need to be pro-gay? And, what happened with our freedom of speech? Are we allowed to speak freely just if nobody is going to get offended?

I agree that public figures have the power to influence others, thus they should employ caution when speaking in public. BUT, I also think everybody is entitled to feel, think, and say whatever they want.

Okay, Orson Scott Card has as much right to express his opinion as Geekout has the right to try boycotting the movie.... ****sigh*** It is just part of the wonders of living free!

By the way, who has stopped paying their taxes because they don't support the war?