Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Summary on GoodReads.

I found so many wrong things with this story. It kind of wanted to be like Captive in the Dark, but this book came out to be (like) about a total dysfunctional girl who didn't know she was a masochist, suddenly discovering that she actually liked to be humiliated, sexually used, and emotionally raped.

No, I didn't see anything appealing or slightly interesting in the book. I know it is a work of fiction and I should treat it like that, BUT, this is also my perception :-) And, the way I see it, Would anybody who's been living a normal life change to become a submissive, degraded sex slave... in just two weeks?

I didn't find this story believable at all (although fiction is really unbelievable). I know, contradicting.

I was rooting for Emily but she just gave in! Unlike Livvie, in Captive in the Dark, who is always fighting for her freedom even if she likes what Caleb is doing to her. But Emily gives up too easily; and for what exactly? Sex; that's all.

And what was the point/purpose of Emily's captor? Did he just kidnap Emily for the sake of it? Apparently. What was wrong with him, actually? Nothing! He doesn't seem to have any other purpose but to be in the book to do things to Emily since she couldn't do them herself. I understand when characters (serial killers and the like) do things over a motive. The captor's MO here? Nonexistent.

The book is erotica, but I didn't feel any "erotica" while reading it. How could I,  if I was all pissed about it?

Darn it, I have to read The Dark Duet #2 to get over this.