Thursday, July 25, 2013

Are you part of the top 1% of Goodreads reviewers? or, Are you having a literary orgasm yet???

If you are reading this post is because:

1) you are in the top 1% reviewers on Goodreads,

2) you are NOT, but you've heard about it,

3) if have no idea what this is but you click on the post because it says 'Goodreads'

Which one are you?

- Well, if you are #1, congratulations! You are part of the few, the proud, the... wait, those are the U.S. Marines!

- If you are #2, I'm sorry...? :-(  --- Review harder and you'll make it next time, sucka'!

- And if you are #3, well, here is a little recap.

A few days ago, 1% of the 20 million members on Goodread, woke to find an email saying

"On behalf of the Goodreads team, I want to say thank you. You’re in the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads! Your many thoughtful book reviews help make us a vibrant place for book lovers."

What does this mean, really?

Being the beautiful savvy business woman that I am, when I saw the email in my inbox, I quickly scanned its content to see what I have won. Nonthing... and I mean NOTHING!

Not even a free book? Gee...! You'd think that since Goodreads is making money with our reviews (or not) they would, at least, acknowledge our literary dedication and... like give us a free Kindle book or something. After all, Amazon now owns Goodreads.

Cheap bastards.

Moving forward. I deleted the email without giving it another thought (whateve's); but after seeing how some of our elite world of top 1% reviewers actually feel honored, paranoid, and/or confused with the news and mention, I did a little search to investigate what the heck this havoc means (or meant, or will mean, or.... oh! forget it).

Here is a very good thread from what I collected the information below.

What does it mean to be part of the top 1% reviewers?

A) For us the proud:- Again, NOTHING. We don't get, didn't get, and won't get anything. You can stop feeling proud now.

B) For us the paranoids:- Also NOTHING. If you are wondering why you weren't chosen, keep reading.

C) For us the confused:- Well... it means that you are a lazy reviewer. Really? Kind of, because:

i. How does this thing work? 

ii. Why wasn't I chosen?

iii. I have read way more books than x and x, why I didn't make the list?

iv. My reviews have more 'likes' than x and x.

v. How can I make it to the list?

vi. And my favorite, where is the list? Because, you know, I want to see my name among the other 20,000 names in the list.

Again, from this thread I gathered that:

- You need to post reviews with more than 50 words.

- If in your profile, your location is hidden, you will not see your "top reviewer" status. So go to your profile, make your location visible and "Once your location is visible, a list of links appears beneath your avatar - 'top reviewer', 'top reader', etc. It may take a couple of days for them to appear because the Top Reviewers list is updated over the weekend" (posted by Lauren).

- There is a list of reviewers with the most votes here. Go there and, with shaking fingers and tremoluous anticipation , look for your link (I don't know if this is actually true because, as proud and paranoid as I am, I haven't checked mine).

- Those who did not make the list but eagerly wish they did, will now post reviews with a vengeance to ensure their position in the next top 1% list.

- Those of us on the list, my develop a new kind of OCD to keep our top 1% status!

- There is a general confusion as if the top 1% list is generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.... The point is, some of those who did not make it to the list might now be on a schedule to make it to the next one! And when is the damn thing posted/generated?

LASTLY: What is all this BS about the top 1% list Lectus? Who cares? Do you care?

(but if you try to take my position I might just have to kill you)

Have to go now! Must post reviews on Goodreads (as in, paranoidly working to keep my status).

Disclaimer: being part of the top 1% reviewers on Goodreads might just give literary orgasms.