Friday, June 28, 2013

Amazingly Broken .... I mean, amazingly plagiarized!

After reading Brandee's apology for reviewing a book that turned out to be plagiarized, I did a little Google search to see for myself what this was all about.

Well, it seems that someone at Dear Author discovered the "similarities" between Amazingly Broken by Jordin Williams and Easy by Tammera Webber and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire respectively. They even made a page by page comparison of the two books (you can see it here).

Additionally, bloggers are removing their review of Williams book, and the book was removed from Amazon and B&N as well.

You can read what the GoodReads community feels here. Also, Teresa Mummert explains what seems to me like a plagiarism conspiracy case since this Jordin Williams is linked to suspicious accounts.

Thanks Brandee for passing the link!

Other famous cases of plagiarism:

* Jonah Lehrer and his book about Bob Dylan, Imagine: How creativity works

* Kaavya Viswanathan plagiarized from Sloppy Firsts and The Princess Diaries in her book How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life

* Helene Hegeman's Axolotl Roadkill seems to contain an entire page from a novel called Strobo

* I uncovered some accusations against T. S. Eliot, Martin Luther King, Jr. that you can read here. Hhmm... me not going to get into that.

* The movie Starbucks which I still haven't seen but I'm planning to

* Jane Goodall, the "world's most well-known primatologist" plagiarized in her book Seeds of Hope

And, can you plagiarize dance moves

On that note, can you plagiarize your own dreams? I mean, I keep having the same dreams over and over...I might have to apologize to my subconscious.