Thursday, May 23, 2013

The past lives of the rich and famous

Do you remember when "psychic" Sylvia Browne told Amanda Berry's mom on national TV that her daughter was dead? ... But then she was rescued from Castro, America’s most notorious accused rapist and sadist.

Well, said "psychic" has written a book about The past lives of the rich and famous. Yes people, in her book, Browne explains what happens before birth by revealing what 50 celebrities were doing in their past lives, and making a spiritual connection between what they did then and what they do now.

Ahem... I wonder if today's Angelina Jolie was Cleopatra back in the late 69 BC and Brad Pitt was Alexander the Great? Wait, no, that was Collin Farrel in 2004.

Oh! And did you know that (according to Browne) Katherine Hepburn was a dancer in King Solomon’s court, and Steve McQueen was a Knight Templar?

I want to share this very ludicrous and thorough review of the book on Skeptic by Ingrid Hansen. Go ahead, have a laugh.