Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Panic by Sharon M. Draper

Summary on GoodReads.

Panic was a nice read that didn’t focus just on Diamond' story. We have Diamond, who is kidnapped; Justin, in love with a girl how has a boyfriend; Layla, abused (or kind of) by her boyfriend; and Mercedes, who’s problem I forgot what it was.

Panic wraps around the lives of all these friends and their reactions to Diamond's disappearance while dealing with their own issues.

I liked that Draper spared the morbid details of Diamond kidnapping; although I could perfectly imagine what was going on, Draper chose not to elaborate on that. Thank god, or I’d be thinking about it for days.

Some reviewers complain that the story doesn’t focus in one particular character, and that is true. The story is sweet, short and to the point without dwelling on anyone in particular for too long, but that is precisely what made it a nice read.

The story message, for me, is not only that you should not talk to strangers, but that you should not be so naïve and believe strangers! Diamond was kidnapped because she was too trustful; the lines that the kidnapper used are the same ones that predators use today, still.

Young people, read and learn, read and learn.