Monday, May 6, 2013

Horns by Joe Hill

Summary on GoodReads.

I read this book because, was it Faye?, reviewed and mentioned that Hill is Stephen King’s son!

First, I have to defend Hill by saying that some bloggers, obviously disappointed in the story, accuse him of not being his father’s son. I find this totally unfair. If he was to write like King, we would have two Kings and… which one would we read?

Back to Horns, Ig wakes up one day to find that he has grown two little horns on his forehead. The horns also came with a peculiar ability of their own. Interesting enough, people don’t see the horns; or...  as a doctor told Ig, they see it but instantly forget about them which is why no uproar is caused by Ig walking around horned.

The story started very interesting and the power of the horns is interesting. I lost interest because of the amount of characters coming and going. Somehow I got lost in so many words. It could be the format of the book (small) and the fonts (too tiny). But everyone has their preferences and I prefer to read easily; if I have to fight with the fonts to make out a word, I abandon the book. Reading should be a pleasure, not a fight.

Anyway, I didn’t find the sequence of events amounting to anything. Since the horns are more like a metaphor and don’t really do anything, it is Ig’s new ability that finally helps him discover who killed his ex-girlfriend.

Although I didn’t like Hill’s writing style, I admit that Horns was an interesting and enjoyable concept… jut not for me.