Sunday, May 26, 2013

A black deeper than death by M. E. Purfield

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Used to stories where the love interests first hate each other; like each other but won't say so; or it takes forever for them to get together, A black deeper than death was a nice change.

Mikki meets Chris and they instantly hit it off as in 'I like you. You kiss good. Let's go to your place.' Nothing overly romantic looking at the stars, nor deep thinking about how mysterious she/he is. Nope, just realistic I like you, let's hang out together. At some point the L love is dropped without having to read pages and pages of doubts and "he loves, he loves me not."

Mikki has the ability of feeling other people's pain. One night, a girl is killed nearby and Mikki felt the girl's death as if it was happening to her, which was weird because Mikki had never felt that deeply before.

Obviously, Mikki goes all CIS to find out who the killer is and she gets into a messy situation in the process.

Thank god the book is not about Mikki trying to figure out why/how she's got that ability.

What I most liked was that Mikki was very foul-mouthed. At 16, she lives by herself, makes mad money, smokes, gets drunk all the time, and has sex without giving us chaste thoughts about it. She's not a slut, but Purfield doesn't justify Mikki's behavior like other authors do. Mikki is Mikki. Period.

Okay, maybe the drinking was a little overdone and the smoking part is a bad example. Some parents will definitely get offended that the book is YA because... you know, since we live in a world where teenagers are saints... a book like this might turn your virginal daughter (who doesn't know what sex is and has never seen a teen smoke) into a Mikki.

Mikki is so real that , in one part, she looks at the detective and despite him being twice her age, she recognizes that he is very cute; he's starting to show a belly... but still she flirts... and wonders...

The story is very fast paced. No Useless, profound details trying to convey the meaning of life. Well, this is just book 1 :-) Maybe that will come later.

Sometimes Mikki over did her rebellious self but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the book.