Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrecked by Elle Casey

Summary on GoodReads.

The plot was predictable but this is a clichéd teen romance that I was really digging until they crashed on the island. If I was 15 I would probably be in love with the story. Yeah, I used to be a romantic dreamer like that…

The island part seemed soooo not probable. A prom on the island? They seemed too happy for four stranded teenagers. No crying over their parents but planning a prom for the four of them.

They became experts in weaving. I mean, I am an expert in knitting a crochet so weaving would come easily. But how the hell did they manage to weave pillows and mats?

Although I liked Jonathan and his walking-encyclopedia character, it became a little too much on the island. His never ending supply of info became annoying. You can't know everything! Period.

What I liked: Casey mentions the problem we women have once a month and how the girls were having their... ehem... menses on the island. I loved that Casey kept it real. You know? Just because you are stuck on an island your period won't stop coming...

She also covers the unprotected sex part which I think was very realistic but dumb. Hello! Do you really want to make babies on this island? So, I really liked how she mentioned little details like that.

I didn't like the "he/she is out of my league" complain. I mean, once or twice it's fine. But what is the point of mentioning so much if they are all going to end up together? I got it the first time! Just saying...

And then it is the big deal with Candi's hair. Hello! This is the XXI century! You really haven't heard of conditioner, hair salons, and flat irons?

In short, I loved the writing, Kevin, Jonathan and Sarah. Not so much Candi as she was played as an extremely shy character... which I would understand if she was coming from a remote village and had never seen a man before. But this is the U.S.! TV anyone?

Also, I don’t know what kind of sluts kiss guys they just meet to deter another guy from approaching you. And I mean, just meet; they had barely exchanged a hello. Wait, I take that back; you can exchange germs however you like.