Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley

Summary on GoodReads.

Finally, a book worth my money and worth blogging about. Half way through the book, the story reminded me of Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. They are not the same, but some twists are.

Back to PG-13. From the summary, you know that at 13, Angie was kidnapped for three years, thus when she finally made it back home she is 16. The only problem is that she doesn’t remember anything about the kidnapping and, for all she is aware of, she is just returning from a camp trip from the day before.

My first thought was that Angie couldn’t remember anything because of amnesia. And yes, that was the case. However, her amnesia was much more than those other books where the character doesn’t remember anything and then, snap, everything comes back at the end of the book. PG-13 is nothing like that. 

In the story, we never see a devastated, depressed Angie; on the contrary, despite of what she suspects happened to her, she is very much full of energy and loving life. I say suspects because Angie isn’t stupid and she kind of knows that she didn’t spend those three years in Candy Land. But how would she be depressed if she (her subconscious) didn't really live those years?

I liked everything about this book, but especially that Coley spared the morbid details of Angie and her husband. I hate reading about child abuse and yet, somehow, I’m drawn to those type of stories (some type of mental disorder, I know).

As Coley explained in the last pages of the book, personality disorders are more than what she just wrote, and it takes years of therapy to heal. In the book, she came up with a quick fix to Angie’s alters because… well, it is a book, a work of fiction! And it had to end.

I loved Angie’s alters; they seemed so real that I almost cried with Little Wife.

It is really amazing what the mind does to avoid pain.

I also liked that Angie kept her innocence (mostly) because her alters took the abuse for her.

I now wonder why I waste my time with zombie and end of the world books…?