Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Empty by K. M. Walton

Summary on GoodReads.

I loved Walton previous book, Cracked . I don't know what happened to her with Empty.

This book exaggerates too much in an attempt, I think, to make you like it.

Walton says that she wants this book to be an example but she failed miserably at that.

Adele (Dell) is 286 pounds. She hates her body because she is so fat yet she doesn't do anything about it. Being overweight myself I know how hard is to try to lose weight. Dell never even tried.

The entire book revolves around her fatness: how this happens or won't happen because she is fat. She is made fun of, on her face (really?).

The book is so clichéd that I knew exactly what is going to happen:

1- 1- Dell's father left (is this why she eats so much?)
2- Dell has a bad relationship with her mom (because she's fat?)
3- her best friend wants to join the "in" crowd at school
4- Dell has a crush on this perfect guy
5- Dell goes to a party that she doesn't really want to
6- at the party Dell gets drunk... and hooks up with her crush

******Spoilers *******
7- her crush rapes her (or kind of? This is cleverly open for debate)

****** End Spoilers *******

8- perfectly beautiful girl picks on Dell

If Dell felt bad for being fat, after the party she feels completely like shit. Also, Dell's life doesn't seem to improve; it just keeps going down... and down... and down.... I mean, how much can a character take? Do I really want to know about so much misery from beginning to end?

Also, Dell is one dimensional and she doesn't see beyond her fatness. Yes, sometimes being overweight is all I think about, but not all the time! Sometimes I feel pretty damn beautiful despite being overweight :-)

Ah! and top of being fat, Dell is ugly
. Seriously? Oh, I get it: not everybody can be fat and beautiful at the same time like me!

The solution to being fat? Make fun of yourself and ****** Spoilers

kill yourself. Yes, because at the end Dell chose to end her life to being fat. End spoilers******

Is that the message that Walton is sending? What about exercise, get counseling, dieting, or even surgery? Nope, apparently there's no hope for us overweight people but to end like Dell.

This book definitely honors its title because it left me exactly like that: empty.