Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The first days by Rhiannon Frater

Summary on GoodReads.

I proudly abandoned this book because:

#1.- The whole part with the baby fingers under the door was irritating. I got it the first time. No need to repeat it 10 times more.

#2.- Tough ass ladies Thelma and Louis, I mean Katie and Jenni came out like Rambo and Terminator killing zombies left and right without remorse. Yes, they were zombies; and yes, they were going to eat you, but I expect you to get used to the killing after a while. But nope, right away it's just easy for them to "just kill her and let's go" and drink coffee while the body is still twitching.

#3.- The language, It felt like just words without emotions. The 'dynamic duo' actions... who are these two ladies? I couldn't care less whether they died or not!

#4.- All I know is that one of them is blond. The end.