Saturday, March 30, 2013

GoodReads and Amazon, the next dynamic duo?

If you haven't heard, I'm giving you the exclusive: Amazon bought Goodreads!

Wait, wasn't Goodreads part of Amazon already? Well, that is what I though. Obviously I was wrong.... and now I'll be right again! :-)

I don't know what that will mean for us 16 million users but I wonder:

1.- Will the publicity on Goodreads get aggressive and expensive now?
2.- Will we still be able to trash books (although it pains me deeply to do so but sometimes, some books...)?
3.- Will it stop being free?

Before moving to Goodreads I was using Library Thing but it didn't let me add more than 200 hundred books to my account so I said goodbye.

4.- Is Amazon slowly taking over the world?

5.- Where is the book that James Franco was going to publish with Amazon? Okay, not related but I was wondering.