Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin

Summary on GoodReads.

#1. Alex and Darla leave the safety of the farm to go look for Alex's parents. I found this totally idiotic. Why would you willingly volunteer to go out there?

If they had left the farm for any other reason (forced to) all the danger they put themselves in would've made sense.

But in Ashen Winter Alex and Darla faced cannibals, cold, mercenaries and everything else out there because they chose to.

#2. I was tired of Alex stupidity and Darla saving him.
#3. Six hundreds pages of the same thing: danger, fighting, saving, rest, and then more action.
#4. I found the book more about Darla (who happens to know everything!) from the voice of Alex.
#5. Like every other dystopian story out there in a different writing style.
#6. Either you'll love it or you won't.