Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Safety in numbers by Dayna Lorentz

Summary on GoodReads.

Okay, you know from the summary that a biological weapon is found in the HVAC system of a mall and the mall is locked down with everyone inside.

Now, for a moment there, I thought this book was going to be more like Monument 14 (which I liked) but it turned out to be.... I don't even know what!

The book is too stereotyped for my taste: a rich white kid who has it against a poor Hispanic kid. I won't tell you about the rest.

I quit at page 123 because, well, what is the point of reading a book if you don't care about its characters? Because I didn't like any of them: Lexi, the senator's daughter has no friends; Shay, the cute Indian girl has no friends... Was everyone alone and lonely in that mall?

Shay gives this poetry book to Ryan who had never read poetry in his life and all of the sudden finds this poetry... sexy. Right.

I found the story empty, the characters empty and the plot empty. I read from another blog that something actually happens in the last 10 pages so I went there to see how it all ended. 
Nope. I won't be reading book #2.
Read at your own risk, and mind you, this is only book one.