Saturday, February 2, 2013

New books into movies: Angelfall and The fault in our stars

OMG! I can't believe Hollywood is thinking of making Angelfall a movie already.

Susan Ee self published Angelfall in 2011 and then it was picked up by Amazon Children’s Publishing for a re-release last year.
How cool is that? Yes, another independent author to make it big.

Anyways, Good Universe had acquired the film rights and the one and only, Sam Raimi is to produce!

Another book that is being produced in The Fault In Our Stars

Although I didn't like the book I believe that it has material to make a strong emotional movie. I already can everyone who loved this book (and hates those of us who didn't) crowding the theaters to cry their eyes out with Augus and Hazel. The movie starts shooting this summer.


  1. I'm really excited about TFiOS! I should probably read Angelfall.

    New Follower :)