Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Through to you by Emily Hainsworth

Summary on GoodReads.

Cam is drowning himself in grief because of the death of his girlfriend, Viv who, by the way, died in a car accident while driving with him. For Cam, Viv was just perfect and he wishes he’d died instead of her.

One day, he meets Nina, who comes from another universe where Viv is alive. Nina and Cam become friends and he goes to this other side (to Nina’s dimension) basically to check it out… until he finds out that Viv is alive there. Then he starts crossing over every night. The only problem is that the portal is closing and he has to make a choice. Should he bring the new Viv to his side or should he stay over in her world?

While he travels to see Viv, he also visits Nina and their friendship gets stronger. Although he knows this is not the Viv of his world, he doesn’t see anything different until Viv starts acting… well, differently.

I liked the story, the writing, the intrigue and the development but did not get too attached to it. I can’t exactly put my fingers to it; I guess with some books you just love them, don’t love them or something in between.
I did not go crazy with Through to you but I did like and enjoy it.


  1. Well, darn. I had high hopes for this one. I may still check it out but it'll be lower on the TBR pile. :)

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