Monday, November 5, 2012

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

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It was interesting at the beginning. Reading about zombies from a zombie's point of view. Why don't they speak? Why do they feed on humans, I mean, on the living?
Very interesting in deed. They even had their own community, got married and had children!

I thought I had found my next great book when I got bored with the story. It could be that I hate jumping back and forth and after R ate Perry's brain he had Perry's memories and we could learn about Perry and Julie this way...I didn't see the point of this either because Perry was already dead. Was I supposed to feel sorry for him when not even Julie felt sorry for his death?

At first I thought Julie was going to be a dump girl and she turned out to be a feisty foul mouthed.

Also, I didn't get the miraculous cure for the zombie disease. Yes, there is a cure, and think this will be the base for book #2 since I just read that Marion is writing a sequel. Yes, the new book must likely will be based in more zombie/living romantic journeys since M (Marcus) tells Nora (Julie's friend) that she is the must beautiful girl he's ever seen. All in zombie language and Nora delights on the sound of it.

I get why R was in love with Julie but, why was she in for him? It reminded me of Dearly, Departed: R is a good looking zombie minus the ability to speak... fluently, that is.

The whole story was slow and dragging but different and interesting during the first half.
I didn't feel any romantic vibe between Julie and R either. By the way, R never remembers his name but I'm pretty sure is Romeo since Julie is just missing the 't' to be Juliet. Which reminds me, the story has nothing of "Romeo and Juliet" in it.

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  1. I'm curious about this book and about the movie too. I need to check this out.

    1. Lectus8:15 AM

      Say what?! A movie! I have to look into that :-)

  2. Well, this seems like a very....different book :) Wait, so a guy admited his love for a person in zombie language and the girls digs that XD This seems very funny.

  3. I tried reading this book a few times and gave up every time, because like you said, it's really slow at the beginning. I think I got about half way through or so, I hadn't reached the part about the cure.

    I might try to read it again since it's being turned into a movie. I'd like to read it so I can watch the movie after. :)