Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature & Follow: What movie would make a great book?

I think this is my F&F #7...
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Q: Books are turned into movies all the time! Turn it around. What movie would make a great book? This is a very hard question! Okay, I'll pick Prometheus.
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  1. I am too scared to watch Prometheus much less to read it! But it would be great!
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  2. I haven't seen Prometheus, but if it were a book, I would definately read it :) Thanks for hopping by my blog, following you back!

  3. Ooh I loved Prometheus! Excellent choice :-)

  4. I didn't see Prometheus, but knowing a bit about the storyline, I have to agree - it would make a great book! Thanks for stopping by The Book Asylum. I am now a follower via GFC! Looking forward to talking books with you :)

  5. Loved that movie, great choice. new follower on gfc : )

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  6. That name sounds so familiar, but I haven't seen it yet! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Old follower. xD

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  7. Great Answer!

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  8. Haven't heard of this!
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    Kristen @OCA

  9. BEAUTIFUL your scalloped sides. NEW FOLLOWER.

    I really don't watch movies either so not sure what I could turn into a book, but the three books below would make good movies.

    Excuse my turn around of the question please.

    Giveaway going on at my blog for THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF.

    SOUTH OF BROAD by Pat Conroy, THE ISLAND HOUSE by Posie Graeme-Evans, or CITY OF WOMEN by David R. Gillham would make great movies.

    Silver's Reviews

  10. Your blog is absolutely lovely. And I've been sifting through your reviews...good stuff. =) I also like your "books not worth the hype" and "books I couldn't put down" sidebars! =) I'm a new follower. Hopefully you'll stop by my blog sometime.

  11. I'm a scaredy cat as well, so no Prometheus for me. But I'm sure it would be great ;)
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    Ninja Girl

  12. I have never seen Prometheus! It is on my list but I have yet to watch it. Maybe soon. Thanks for the follow. New GFC through Goodreads.

  13. I've never seen Prometheus, but I probably should. :) Thanks for following me! Following you back!