Saturday, October 13, 2012

Survive by Alex Morel

Summary on GoodReads.

Jane is a troubled girl who dreams about killing herself. After two failed attempts to suicide she finally comes up with the perfect plan to do so: while on a plain to go visit her mother she will take a cocktail of pills and die.

Because of her suicidal instincts she is in a mental institution, but because of her "good" behavior she is allowed a weekend (or was it a week?) off to go visit her mother. This seems like a trip sent from heaven, a sign for what she should do; and she does. .. Almost.

Almost, because while in the process of taking the pills that would send her to her much coveted “oblivion” the plane crashes, the pills fly everywhere and her plan pretty much fails. As luck would have it, Jane and Paul, another obnoxious (according to Jane) passenger, are the only survivors. Regardless Jane’s desire to die she now has to face a totally different fate: survive.

I love survival stories and this one was kind of exciting. I didn’t expect the end but… It is totally different to the usual fictional romance!

I didn’t feel totally connected to the Jane and Paul thought. There is a general lack of development in this aspect. Jane is in a psychiatric institution because of her attempt to kill herself but, why did she want to kill herself in the first place? She says that her family has a history of suicides but just because a couple of family members killed themselves, it doesn’t mean you automatically have to follow their steps. So I wish Morel would’ve explained more about Jane’s life and why she wanted to kill herself.

What I didn’t like: Well, the instant rejection and bad vibe from Jane towards Paul… just to end up liking him. Does every romance book have to be about two people that at first don’t like each other?

What I liked: Jane is pretty smart and she plans her third suicide with much conniving scheme that I actually wanted her to succeed!

The book reminds me of This is not a test because both the protagonist want to kill themselves and the circumstances wouldn’t let them do so. But while in This is not a test Sloane actually tried to go through with her plan after zombies pretty much messed up her original plan, in Survive I didn’t see Jane trying to do so. It’s as if the plane crash brainwashed her and she didn’t want to die anymore. I mean, If you really wanted to kill yourself, what better opportunity than this? I wish she was more consistent with her plans though.

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