Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shelter by Harlan Coben

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First, this is another great book for guys! It reminds me of I Hunt Killers but they are not similar. It’s just because of the point of view of a male character is so different from a girl’s… and I find that I enjoy it a lot more.

Shelter is a fast paced novel set around various mysteries that revolve around Micky so he hast to unveil them. After Micky’s father died in a car accident and his mom went to rehab, Micky comes to live with his uncle Myron in New Jersey town with an urban legend of its own. One night, Micky comes face to face with that legend, the Bat Lady, kind of turning his life and hopes around.
Along with The Bat Lady’s mystery is the disappearance of Ashley, Micky’s girlfriend. One day Ashley is in school, the next day, and the next….and the next…. She is not.

So naturally, heartbroken Mickey tries to find out what happened to her. His expedition reminded me of Henry Griffin in the T.V. series “Unnatural History” (here my favorite character is Jasper). But like in this T.V series, Mickey has been around the world, knows martial arts and a few respiration, concentration and other useful tricks.

What I didn’t like: the friendship of Mickey with misfits Ema and Spoon. Really? I’m not going to say more because that would give the book away but it does seem cliché to me…
Also, the novel comes with the typical hot and head to toe gorgeous, popular and cheerleader girl in every book…

I did really enjoy the book. A guy’s POV is so different and refreshing that I found myself reading every single word.

The mystery and suspense was just right and kept me turning the pages and wanting to find out more. More about Ema, why she never lets Mickey walk her home?
Also, the Bat Lady mystery turned out to be quite an unexpected one that sets the basis of the next book in the series.

Oh! And did I mention that Mickey is 6’4”! I mean, it seems to me that every YA hero out there is unusually tall. Is that the height of regular American kids? Because they are definitely absent here in New York :- )

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  1. I might have to check this out, male POV books do tend to be few and far between.