Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here (On the other side #1) by Denise Grover Swank

Summary on GoodReads.

I don’t know why Here is filed under paranormal because I didn't see anything paranormal there. Maybe my concept of paranormal is wrong?

From the cover of Here I thought this would be a paranormal romance but I was gladly surprised to see that it was not!

Julia feels guilty and is extremely depressed after her best friend Monica dies in a car accident while Julia was driving. After the accident, Julia develops a new talent for drawing which she can’t explain; as she can’t explain either a bracelet engraved with her name that was find in the scene but that she had never seen before.

Of course doctors say this is all head trauma and that she eventually will get back to normal. But things get even less normal when Evan, the most popular guy in school starts showing a interest in her and even becomes her tutor. “Why the sudden interest? Why now?” She reputedly asks Evan. Obviously he can’t answer that because then book would end :-)

Half of the story is about Julia and her life Here. This part is full of cliches, with slow, predictable and annoying sequences that made to almost give up the book. But then I reached to 48% on my Kindle and... well, jumped to the other side.

What is totally awesome is this other side; for a moment there I thought it would be the underworld, the land of the dead, and I was about to say “how predictable.” But nope, the other side is different and quite… interesting with a love triangle and and mysteries.

Although I found the first part of the book was boring, I think it might have been necessary to takes us to the other side and have us experience life there.

I wish it had more information about the other side but that might be covered in the next book. Also, the love situation between Julia and Evan was not resolved so I suspect this will be covered in the following books as well. Who will she choose?

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  1. Well.... the cover looks like it's a paranormal book.


  2. Hmmm. This does sound very interesting! I may need to check it out :)