Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Captive in the Dark by C. J. Roberts

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“ My apologies,” he mocked with a slight forward bow, “What I meant to say is: no pussy’s that good. Though yours does come close.”

I am not into erotica but reading Captive in the Dark might make me change my mind. Yes, the book is erotica, but it is written with so finesse that I almost didn’t consider it erotica at all but a psychological drama between the abductor and the abducted.

The other two only erotica books I’ve read are The Girl Who Couldn’t Come (short stories) and Fifty Shades of Grey (which compare to this is like cheap cable porn).

Caleb kidnaps ‘Pet/Kitten’ to train and sell her as a sex slave to a powerful man in Russia. More than a sex slave, Kitten (yes, I’m settling for that name) is the instrument for the downfall of this man thus delivering Caleb’s revenge.

But the way Caleb trains Kitten is not the way I expected a kidnapper involved in human trafficking to act. His training and behavior toward Kitten awakes her dark sensuality and despite not wanting so she finds herself attracted and responding to Caleb. Of course, it helps that Caleb is good-looking and well fit. But then again, for an erotica and bdsm book the man has to be attractive because being submitted and degraded by an ugly man would just…. Make stop reading!

I’m going to say this because there’s no point in denying it: I too have dreamed – if just once in a while – into being abducted and forced into submission by a handsome man, that is.
Very much Captive in the Dark style minus some disturbing scenes.

Kitten comes with her own baggage of issues from home which makes her act the way she does; behavior that makes an attractive subject to Caleb’s eyes and he finds himself responding to her in ways he never thought possible. Likewise, Caleb comes from a broken childhood where he himself was sold into slavery and was a sex toy. Why, then, is he doing to Kitten the same thing that was done to him?

What brings Caleb and Kitten together in an unusual way in the world of sex traffic? Will Kitten meet her ultimate fate: be sold as a sex slave?

I didn’t find the book offensive (like some Fifty Shades of Grey’s reviewers think these kind of books are). On the contrary, I think it is high class erotica, very well written. I don’t think it denigrates women and all that bs. It is a work of fiction and I take it as it is: entertainment.

Beware: Some graphic scenes are very disturbing and the language is not mild.

I really liked that Kitten wasn’t the all innocent damsel in distress. She didn’t like and didn’t want to live what she was living but her body was a traitor and she found herself aroused and responding and seeking Caleb. I thought it had to do with Stockholm’s syndrome when Roberts (through Kitten) acknowledges so herself.

I like that Kitten acknowledges that what she is feeling is wrong and fights it even if her body betrays her. Her internal and emotional fight kept me glued to my Kindle. There are deep and powerful emotions at war here, this is not a mere porn kind of book.

What I didn’t like: I would like to keep this review objective and cite something that didn’t work for me in the story but, sorry. Captive in the dark is brilliantly written. Can’t wait for book #2; and since I’m at it (erotica, that is) my eyes are on Comfort Food.


  1. I absolutely loved the Dark Duet series! It was so well-written. Can't wait to see what you think about Seduced in the Dark. I'm also thinking of giving Comfort Food a shot.

  2. I've never read erotica, but I'm not completely opposed to it. With anything, if there's a good story - as it sounds like this has - I'm interested.

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  4. I dont like erotica books and sex books really aren't my cup of tea, BUT I'm glad that an erotica book out there has an actual story line other than pointless sex.
    great review!

    Rola @ xo'reads