Monday, October 8, 2012

Battle of the covers: When she woke by Hillary Jordan

I read the hard cover book and I think it makes more justice to what the book is about. It also seems more interesting. Actually, one of the reasons I read it was because of the cover.

The paper cover though... I find it to be too simple; it has nothing outstanding to make me notice the book.

What cover do you prefer?

Hannah wakes up in prison with a different skin color: red.

I like the concept of punishment that Jordan sets here. In the society where Hanna lives people who commit crimes are punished by changing the color of their skin so everybody can know what they did. So we have people with yellow, orange, blue and so forth skin color depending on their crime: robbery, murder, prostitution, etc.

On that note, I think that child molesters should be punished the same way so parents know who they are and where they are and can keep children away from them.

But I'm digressing. What crime did Hanna commit to deserve have her skin tainted read? For how long will she look like that? Very interesting in deed but I didn't like Jordan's writing style.

When Hanna is released from prison with her new skin color she goes to this religious house where she is supposed to repent and be "cured". But the religious institution is just as bad as the evil they are supposed to extricate from the women housed there.

This totally bothered me because

1) in a society so advanced as to mutate one skin's color, how can they still use religion so primitively?

2) I think that these two concepts did not work good together. I'd have preferred to read about Hanna being an outcast living on the streets than being involved in that religious fervor and fanaticism.

At the beginning the book was powerful and Hanna seemed to be the same way, but then she turned out to be this docile innocent girl who had been done wrong. Seriously?

I don't know how it ended because I couldn't keep up with all the cheesy love, resignation, guilt and manipulation.


  1. I think the religion played a big part in the original book and removing that would cause the plot not to work.

    Personally, I really enjoyed this book; I think compairing it to the original story; The Scarlet Letter was fasinating.

    Also I prefer the original cover, the red and black one.

    1. Ah! why didn't I think of The Scarlet Letter? Of course... of course...

  2. I've never heard of this concept before, how interesting. Based on the review I think the hardcover version fits the book better.

  3. I agree, I think the paperback looks too plain. I prefer the hardcover, it definitely draws your attention because her skin is RED. =)