Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wish you were dead by Todd Strasser

Summary on GoodReads.

A few popular kids in a rich high school disappeared. Is somebody out there set to make the rich and beautiful “pay”? That sound like a very pretty interesting mystery to me. And it was. Then why the 2-stars?

Well, because of the endless chit-chat that was going on. Lucy and Madison are rich and pretty, but while Madison is nice and cares about people Lucy is/does not, that is why an anonymous student blogs that Lucy is making his/her life miserable and wishes her dead. Coincidentally enough, Lucy disappears without a trace.

I wished Strasser had showed why the blogger wanted Lucy dead so I could feel the same way. Because that is the point, no; to make you love or hate the characters so you connect with the story? But that doesn’t happen here. I have to take the blogger’s word that Lucy is a bee-ach to dislike her.

And then there are the entries of the diary of the person who’s done Lucy in. They come out of the blue and just made me like Lucy and feel that what was being done to her was totally wrong. Also this person, who is obviously the killer, comes out of nowhere! Isn’t there usually a hint or two for you to take a guess and keep you reading to the end if just to see if you were right?

Wish you were dead is just “the first installment in a new ‘thrill’-ogy.” Really? Who else is Strasser going to kill next? The dumb and ugly?

What I liked: the mystery of the disappearances itself. The blogging; you’ll notice how at the beginning the blog had zero comments and eventually it increased. And I also liked the anonymous stalker; he was deep and right down to the point.

What I didn’t like: all the blah blah blah. I know a high school is full students but, why mention characters that play no part in the story whatsoever? Why introduce people that you are not going to keep around? And why mention “the lesbian duo” if you are not going to elaborate on that? All that was just background noise that took away from the real point.

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    whats the conflict in this book?