Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Prozac Nation author: show me the book!

While many many authors struggle to get their work published and even get an advanced in royalties (I'd be happy with a mere $1,000!) others get signed for hundreds of thousands.... and never turn said work in.

Such is the case of Elizabeth Wurtzel whose book Prozac Nation (read and liked) was even made into a movie starring Chritina Ricci.

Well, back in 2003, Ms. Wrutzel signed a deal for $100,000 with Penguin Group for a book about helping teenagers cope with depression. But don't panic yet, she was only given $33,000 in advance. And where is the money? Gone, I reckon.

And where is the book? Errr AWOL and MIA. She's got 11 years to turn in a book that obviously shines by its absence.

So Penguin Group has taken prozac-diva to court and is demanding its $33,000 back plus $7,500 in interest. Sweet mother of Zeus! Was she even planning to write such book?