Thursday, September 20, 2012

The unsacred Gift by C.S Dorsey

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Dorsey delivers a surprising ending for The Unsacred Gift. I absolutely did not expect it to end like this.
Sissy starts having visions when she is six years old and from there on she is really afraid of being touched by people because she might (or might not) see how they are going to die.
Imagine living with that gift or, in Sissy’s case, curse. As a result, Sissy grows up hiding from the world (physically and emotionally), even from her mom.

Of course her mother and nobody else believed her when Misty, Sissy’s sister died, and Sissy said she had seen her death in a vision. From there on, Sissy keeps her visions to herself and makes sure not to let that little secret out. Sissy never sees pictures of her sister and nobody talks about her. It’s like if everyone wants to pretend that Misty never existed, so Sissy plays along.

Life goes on and Sissy goes away to college. One day she comes back for her grandmother’s birthday and drama starts when she finds out that her mother has a boyfriend that she never heard of. And why isn’t anyone still mentioning Misty?
Then she discovers that another member of the family also has her gift and she is not alone.

What I liked: I liked the ending very much, it was surprising, and the story as a whole was intriguing.

What I didn’t like: Sissy just complains too much!

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  1. This book sounds really interesting. I want to just read the ending now lol. I love reading any reviews of indie authors thanks for this :)

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.