Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monica Lewinski to write memoir

Super smart girl Monica Lewinski is reported to write a memoir about her Bill Clinton - I mean White House - career.

I'm surprised they haven't come out with her comics yet because, who goes down on the president of the United States and hides the evidence? Disgusting Lewinski, that's who. Seriously, have you ever hid an item of a loved one soiledd of... that? Pure evil genius deserving of her own comic strips.

Generous Lewinski might (or might not) tell us all how to be a White House intern, please the president and become famous while at it.

She will also describe Clinton’s (alleged, but what if it is so?) taste “penchant for kinky sex" so once and for all we can stop considering him for sainthood; and - my fingers are shaking as i type this - she will detail how, when, and where she gratified him in some way other than performing oral sex.

Note: I do hope you read this with total sarcasm...


  1. I'm actually only surprised that it took her thins long! Thanks for letting us know :)

    I saw you on Goodreads and am following your blog now. I look forward to more!

  2. Right, I forgot to mention that. Maybe she wanted to wait until the heat calmed down...

  3. I too am surprised it took her so long. I worked at the GAP at the time and there were so many requests for the famous stained blue dress that it was brought back! (People are incomprehensible sometimes).
    The timing might well have to do with Clinton's new strong popularity and I am guessing her purse business not doing well.
    Odd love stories do happen, but saving evidence reaks of framing not love!
    Great post
    M.C.V. Egan
    The Bridge of Deaths