Thursday, September 27, 2012

How brave is your love?

Looks like it is time for another Beauty and the Beast TV series inspired by this classic fairy tale.

Do you remember the series back in 1987 with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman? I used to watch it and loved it! Of course, that was my epitome of love back then...The series was a romantic drama with mystery and suspense elements and my beast did not transform into society's idea of beauty after gaining the love of 'Catherine'.

Present day
"A modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist."
I introduce you to the new Catherine and Vincent with, well, beautiful Kristin Kreuk and Jay Bunyan.

You do remember Kreuk as 'Lana' in Smallville, right?
I am sad to say that she chose to play yet another beautiful role... I mean, the girl is gorgeous but I would like to see less of her as a damsel in distress and more of her as Chun-Li. Well, maybe here she gets to kick some ass...

As for our new 'Vincent' I don't see much of a beast in him. Actually, that scar makes him even hotter.

Hello! Beastly by Alex Finn anyone? That is more like it.


  1. Definitely watching the new Beauty and the Beast series! :) I remember the old one just a little. I do hope Bunyan isn't the beast only because he has a facial scar.

  2. Great post! I was just a kid when the Linda Hamilton series was on (your pic caught my eye) but I was totally in LOVE with it! My dad always teased me about how romantic it was. Looking forward to the new CW version. Hopefully it lives up! :D

  3. The CW's version is such a joke!
    What kind of Beast is that anyway? Doesn't look like one to me at all!

    And that poor Lana.. err Kristin Kreuk -she has to take what she gets, right?