Sunday, September 23, 2012

Have you read a book parody?

Last week (or was it the week before?) I posted about historical mashups. Today, I continue with the mashpus but this time I'm going into parodies.

Have you ever read one these? I read Twilight's parody Nightlight but didn't find it all that. It was kind of funny reading about an egocentric self-absorbed Bella instead of a clumsy one but somehow it managed to bore me so I had to put it down.

Apparently, writing a parody is very easy so I'm getting my own copy of How to write parodies and become immortal. Oh yea! Watch out for moi :-)

Here is a short list of popular book parodies:

Nightlight: a parody
Twilight Parody: what if Bella chose Jacob instead?
The H.Unger Games Gone Wild Parody
The Hunger Pains
The Younger Games
Fifty Shades of Beige
Fifty Shames of Earl Grey
Fifty Shades Effed
Fifty Shades of Gary the Vampire
Fifty Shades of Beacon Flavored Vagina Spray
Fifty Shades of Twilight
Fifty of Shades of Sparkling Vampires with Dragon Tattoos that Play Starvation Games
Fifty Shades of Black and Blue
Fifty Shades of Pink
Fifty Shades Shadier
Fifty Shades of Garbage
The Walking Dead Hunger Games Parody
Good Night iPod
Star Bores: the original parody

Obviously, we have a winner...


  1. I've never read a parody but I've heard good things about Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.

  2. Fifty Shames of Earl Grey was awesome! It was so so funny.

  3. I liked Shamela, a parody of Pamela (you can find both books on


  4. This is the problem I had with Pride, Prejudice and Zombies... it bored the heck out of me. I put it down about a quarter of the way through.

    And in reply to my blog post on Harry Potter... WHA???? NO NONONONONONO! If you liked the movies at all, read the books!! They are a million times better! Oh my goodness, don't ever forgo the book because you've seen the movie! You'll be missing out on so much!