Monday, September 24, 2012

Grave Mercy by R. L. LaFevers

Summary on GoodReads.

Well, I had read so many good reviews of Grave Mercy that I was really happy when I got my hands on it. What can I say? I gave it a try. I made it as far as page 68 (out of 549) before dropping it and picking Wish you were dead instead.

At the beginning I was really into Ismae and his upbringing and read every single word on the book. But then something happened and it bored me. Where did LaFevers fidn so many words to fill 500+ pages really escapes me….

I used to play Assassin’s Creed so I was really expecting to enjoy this book. But the cult of “assassin nuns” and the assignments to kill I don’t know who or why (other than Duval) didn’t hold any spark. Also, this ‘Duval’ name just put me off!

When I read about love I always put myself in the place of the girl who is in love and read the name of the male love interest with delirium. Well, when I read Duval I just didn’t feel any romantic annotation there! What kind of a name is that? Why is one supposed to dream about savoring your love’s name in your lips if it is Duval. Seriously, I was almost freaked out!

I didn’t read enough to tell you about character development and any of that stuff. I did read the end and know who ended up with whom, though.

I really enjoy historical fiction and this one being set in 15th century Brittany is just my kind of thing (“would you like to break breakfast”?) and that kind of language is something I very much dig. Awesomely, Grave Mercy found a way to turn that into something boring! Maybe too much political stuff was given ---isn’t that what history books are for?

Anyway, that is just me; others who liked it here and here.


  1. Grave Mercy disappointed me too. Unlike you I made it to the end but I had hoped for so much more.

  2. I need to see for myself what i thought. Maybe I wouldn't like it, but that's interesting thoughts.

  3. I loved Grave Mercy!! I'm still waiting for the second book to come out. But hey, books aren't for everyone. Hope you do read something you like next :)

    Better luck next time :)

    A Sprinkle of Books

  4. I adored this book, but I know that a lot of other people shared your opinion. But I also really like historical fiction and high fantasy where the pace is often slow. That being said, sometimes slow historical fiction and high fantasy drives me crazy. So it's luck of the draw that this worked for me.
    It does get better the more you read.

  5. I absolutely loved Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph, it takes some getting into in the beginning, I'd give it another shot if I were you!

    Dark Triumph is a lot more about the assassin nuns and less about the politics as well, I liked that one better.

    1. Ah! There's no way I'm going to go back to read this book :-) Too many new books out there waiting for me!

  6. I bought this back when it first came out and still haven't gotten the chance to read it yet. This makes me think I need to make it a priority!

    1. You might like it :-)
      It has fav reviews, it just wasn't my thing.