Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grammy award-winner Carlos Santana to publish memoir

More than a name, Carlos Santana is a brand.

His products? Shoes, handbags, hats, a restaurant, wine, etc.

And now, this Grammy award-winner, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and philanthropist will tell it all in an autobiography.

Due for publishing in 2014 by Little, Brown and Company the book will come out in both English and Spanish.

Born in Mexico, Santana moved to San Francisco as a teenager, got a gig at Woodstock and became history. He is one of the few Latinos who's stayed close to his roots and his native language (are you reading this JLo?).

Always proud of his heritage he established the Milagro Foundation in 1998, providing grants to community based organizations that work with children in the areas of education, health and the arts.

His memoir will recount his life and bit of his works with Aerosmith, Rob Thomas, Wyclef Jean, Maná, among others.

I am not a fan of celebrities's autobiographies but this is one that I am definitely looking forward to.


  1. I'm not looking forward to all the virgin may and saints references he'll probably put in there.