Monday, September 3, 2012

Empty by Suzanne Weyn

Summary on GoodReads.

How would our lives be if the world ran out of fuel? The world is running out of fuel and because of theses there’s food shortage, no electricity, and chaos… I think this is what Weyn was trying to convey in Empty. Unfortunately, the story was just like its title, empty. Empty plot, empty dialogue, empty characters, empty… everything!

The idea for this story is good though, it just wasn’t developed fully. Nothing in the story was given enough attention to attach you to it. I felt Weyn rushed to write it before someone else published something similar first…

The supposed love triangle between Gwen, Tom and Nikki was never there. And I didn’t feel any type of connection to Gwen or Tom. They liked each other but, why? You know when sometimes you are reading a book and you want some characters to end together? Well, it doesn’t happen here. I just didn’t care who they’d end up with.

Throughout the story, you get some news articles that should tell more about the fuel situating but they seemed so… insipid that I opted for skipping them all tighter.

What I liked: I did like that Tom didn’t fall for Gwen at first sight. He had his eyes in someone else so his liking for Gwen was not instant.

Who liked it: here and here.


  1. I thought it was a really good read. It definatley was NOT Empty