Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Author caught faking his own reviews

R. J. Ellory the author of A quite believe in angels was caught writing 5-stars reviews of his own books on Amazon.

But not happy with that, he went beyond and wrote shitty reviews for the books of his competitors!

His own 5-stars review under the name of Nicodemus Jones reads "I don't need to really say anything about the plot of this book. All I will say is that there are paragraphs and chapters that just stopped me dead in my tracks. Some of it was chilling, some of it raced along, some of it was poetic and langorous and had to be read twice and three times to really appreciate the depth of the really is a magnificent book. Ignore all dissentors and naysayers, this book is not trying to be anything other than a great story, brilliantly told. Just buy it, read it, and make up your own mind. Whatever else it might do, it will touch your soul."

And one less glorious reviews for his competitor Stuart MacBride's Dark Blood reads "another in the seemingly endless parade of same-old-same-old police procedurals that seem to abound in the UK," to which he gave it 1-star.

But I won't say more, just Google the darn thing and believe your eyes!


  1. hahaha.
    I always love the excuses, the apologies: "my lapse in judgement".

    WOW, what a LOOOOOONG lapse that was.

    The truth is nobody is sorry unless they're caught.

  2. Awkwaaaard.

    Man, some authors. I wish I knew of a blog that was all about the questionable antics of some published authors.

  3. Lmfao! What a joke!

  4. I'd never heard of this author before this scandal, and now that I have, it's only to know to avoid his work... nice one. Ellory =/