Saturday, August 11, 2012

The pros, the cons and the sources of book samplers

Probably everybody with Internet knows where and how to get book samplers. But, I’ll pretend that you just don’t and I’ll tell you all about it (almost).

The pros: you decide if you like how the story starts and get a sense of the writing style, etc. before buying the book thus later you won’t be furious (like me) because you spent your money on that book and couldn’t even finish it!

The cons: unfortunately, most of the times the sample is so short that you can’t really make a conscious decision about the book. There aren’t enough pages for you to read and decide if you like it or not.

Tip: before downloading the chapters, always check the number of pages available for download. You don’t want to download a sample of, like, three pages.

Senza much ado, here are the sources:
- Kindle: if you have a Kindle you already know that you can read a few chapters for free before committing to buy the book.

- Buzz Books: You can also download free exclusive excerpts of highly-anticipated books here! Yes, before they come out. The app is available for Kindle and Nook.

- Your library: I won’t say that all libraries offer free e-book samples, but some do. Check yours and take advantage.

- Cheryl Rainfield has a nice guide too!

- Book Browse

- Scribd

- Book Daily

- Penguin

- Random House

- Adobe Library

- Reading A-Z (children’s)

- Stenhouse Publishers

Finally, if those free chapters didn’t profoundly stir your interest in the book, don’t buy it because you are going to regret it. I have.


  1. extended trailers, eh?

  2. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I definitely agree with all this! :) I hardly read book samples, though, because I'm just too lazy to download them into my eReader. I just buy whatever I think looks and sounds good, so there have been many regrets on my part. :P

    Great post!