Saturday, August 18, 2012

The ghosts behind the authors

Before anything else: I don’t either denounce or criticize authors who produce a significant number of great works. No, I’m just skeptical of their authenticity because of their frequency. Because, how is it possible to publish three books in a year? Using ghostwriters, that’s how!

Why, there’s nothing wrong with using ghost writers – other people got to eat too!

I believe ghostwriting is a taboo in our society; many authors use them but will never admit to doing so. Why? We know who you are!

But this practice is not new, for, if rumor is true, the man William Shakespeare himself used ghostwriters to produce the classics that are dissected in college.

Other famous books written by ghostwriters here.

Yet I feel that if I knew for certain that certain authors use ghostwriters, e.g. like Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks or Meg Cabot admitting so, I wouldn’t like their books as much. And that is probably why authors will never come clean about the practice: we will never know for sure if the story was their idea and someone else just typed in the words. Or maybe they just rented their names to be placed on the cover of the book to guarantee sales.

Why don’t ghostwriters just publish their own work” I’ve always wondered. Well, for
one (I think), they are given the story (plot, setting, characters, etc.) and they only have to come up with the dialogue and descriptions. So maybe they are good at writing but not at creating and developing a story from scratch.

Secondly, would they even stand a chance? Probably not; they’d rather make sure money writing for big author whose sales are guaranteed than taking their chances of being skinned by us (book bloggers). But Andrew Crofts explains it much better here.

I totally understand that celebrities reach out to ghostwriters for their “work.” What makes me want to puke though is how they pretend they wrote the book themselves!

Come on! Who is going to believe that the Kardashians wrote a novel? Oh yes, William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins will publish it.


I’ve had this GREAT idea for a novel for a while but don’t know how to write it. Well, good thing I came into this post about why would a good writer hire a ghost here.

Looks like writing, an art once for the very few talented has become exploitable. Fitzgerald, Bronte, Woolfe, Walde, Austen, Dickinson, Saramgo, Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, and many other great authors must be twisting in their graves!

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P.S.2: I'm exhausted! This is the longer post I've ever posted. Going to sleep now :-)


  1. Cool blog! found you on goodreads!
    You should stop by my blog and check it out! you never know you might like it!

    1. :-) I've been following you for a while!

  2. Ghost writing is very common. I don't necessarily think King has a ghost writer but then again you never know. I do know for a fact that V.C. Andrews does because well she died of breast cancer in like the '80s. I don't have a problem with it if it's done right and sounds like the author who it's intended for. I feel like V.C. Andrews ghostwriter is really writing like Andrews would anymore and those because just have her name, not her legacy.

    1. Long time ago a friend told me he knew somebody who wrote for King. I didn't believe him then but now I think it is possible because of the amount of book he publishes.

      V.C Andrews is more like a brand. I have a book by her and it clearly says that the author is dead and other people are continuing her legacy which makes sense and is perfectly understandable!

  3. Firstly... Thank you for deleting that comment! Now I'll check every single comment for 10 times before posting it! I swear!! Secondly, you have a very cute blog and detailed and easy to read at the same time. I can find fast a book to suit my taste. So.. new follower here and good luck and.. keep up the good work! Sorry for any inconvenience.. I'll make sure not to do the same mistake again..

    Thanks, Katie

    1. Some blogs give you the option to delete and edit your comments. I don't know how to do that here! I think that feature is for Wordpress...???

  4. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Interesting post! I always thought that those authors wrote those books in advance since they were able to publish them so quickly, but I guess I was wrong. Ghost writers do make sense, though!

    Thanks for sharing this, Lectus. :)

    1. I used to think so too! But, like in the case of Meg Cabot, how far in advance must have she been writing to suddenly publish her vampire series?

      And good for her anyways! That means she is officially entering the elite universe of Rice, King, Steele, Sheldon....

  5. I have to say the ida of a ghost writer appeals to me since I have a million and one ideas but no time to do it but i think you are right if i found out that J.K Rowling used a ghost writer i would instantly be less inclined to read Harry Potter since it feels like cheating.

    Anyway... i like your blog found it on goodreads and would love for you look at mine


  6. Following too, thanks for your visit!

    I've seen that movie 'The Ghostwriter' and one thing is certain, there are far too few books about ghostwriters.

  7. Anonymous11:48 PM

    I love your blog, and reviews, and posts! It's not just reviews and giveaways, its gossip, news, and intellectual responses to the marketing of novels, and movies. (Making sure to read the book first, of course.)

    Okay. Ghostwriters. I understand the need to put food on the table, with guaranteed sales, and what not ... But, whatever happened to good old-fashioned morals. In a way, it's like plagiarism. Excluding the whole permission part. I do not believe in taking credit for other people's work. Hard work for that matter. I get the whole, skinned by the consumers part, though. I still think taking a leap would be better, but ... it is, what is, right?

    The Kardashians wrote a book. LOL. I feel like that should be the punchline of a joke. I've also heard Paris Hilton has a book out, too! I wonder what she had to say... NOT. Anywho, sorry for ranting, and thanks for sharing! (:

    Demi ~

  8. You are right. That's taking credit for someone else's work. I don't think that I'd feel all great if I publish a book written by a ghostwriter. I'd feel like, well, it wasn't me who wrote it! That beautiful lyric might or might not have come from the depths of my mind :-)

  9. I stumbled upon this post today and I thought it very interesting. Initially, I started reading the Sweet Valley Books, Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys waaaaay back in third grade and I know for a fact that they were written by ghostwriters. Now these series are beloved to me and I wouldn't think of ever hating them because they weren't written by different people.

    I do have a problem with celebrities. Especially if they write fiction. Puhleeez! You'll never see me reading a book by the Kardashians or Snooki!

    1. I would rather die before I read a celebrity's fiction book.