Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let's Pretend that Never Happened by Jenny Lawson The Blogess

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Review by Guest Blogger FSCalderon

First off I just want to say that any book that dedicates an entire chapter to a diarrhea episode is a winner in my eyes. Granted, it's not a long chapter but it does have several parragraphs dedicated to the episode. Also, if you're offended by such topics as diarrhea then this book is not for you.

Now moving on to the review.

The book touched me on a personal level, not because many of the anecdotes happened to me (some yes, but not many), but the 'The Blogess' style of narration is very similar to my sister's and mine. I mostly repress my rambling and disparate subjects because I haven't written any books and I work in an industry where professional straight forwardness is encouraged. So, seeing this style running freely, completely unchecked, unabashed and reckless, took me to a point of near Nirvana. It was very annoying too at points, but that made it even more enjoyable because this person sounded real.

I do most of my reading on the subway, commuting to and from work, and gosh this book made the ride so enjoyable I could almost put up with the heat-enhancing "odors" of my fellow riders. I was laughing out loud everywhere and apparently I don't do that much because my son was asking me what the hell was wrong with me.

So, The Blogess grew up in the outback (I mean deep, deep Texas, not Australia. I get my geography mixed up, sorry) and had a care-free childhood and adolescence that most urbanites and suburbanites would consider hilarious and unbelievable and even if not relatable to all, the way she tells it is worthwhile and we can learn and broaden our mind from other people's experiences, right? And she's not an alien. And by care-free I mean she didn't have to worry about being mugged or kidnapped or annoying her downstairs neighbor, but of course she had cares, in her case being eaten by wild animals, for example.

In conclusion, I totally recommend this book for a good reading time, comedic catharsis, and yes, even enrichment.

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