Thursday, August 16, 2012

Joe by H. D. Gordon

Read the synopsis on GoodReads.

Joe’s gift is like that of ‘Isaac Mendez’ in Heroes, who could paint the future. That said, in Joe you are not reading just Joe’s story but that of the Decider, John, Claire, Marion, Eric, Mina, and Michael as well. A lot, right? I knew it would all tie up together and at the end it did, but still…to how many characters are you supposed to get attached in just one book? A killer for me right there.

Another killer: Joe’s constant complain at nauseam that she is not a hero (when obviously she is), that she is a failure and a fool. I mean, I don’t look like Jennifer Aniston either but I don’t complain about 24/7. And how many times can you read “the raven-haired girl”? Her hair is black. I got it the first time, thank you.

What I liked: the Decider. Have you ever wondered what goes in the mind of rampage killers (Aurora, Oak Creek, and Texas – recently)? The Decider gives you an idea.

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