Monday, August 13, 2012

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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I want my money back!” This is what I was thinking while reading this book. The first half of the book can be used as sleep therapy... Now the second half… it is f…ing good! Unfortunately, I had already figured two ways that the story could go and (lucky me – super mind?) it went one of those ways. But still, it was really good.

The story starts with Nick, who lives the live of a loser. Then his wife Amy disappears and, as commonly said, the husband is the first suspect. So Nick tries to clean his name and rebut the evidence that points to him. When I was about to abandon the book and delete it off my Kindle, Amy’s voice kicks in. Now THIS was interesting.

Why wasn’t the book like that from the beginning? I don’t know, but reflecting back on the story I think that maybe Flynn wanted it to be exactly like that: with a boring Nick giving us a boring beginning to later have Amy set us on fire.

What I liked: Amy and her unusual twisted mind. Yes, the bitch is crazy (you’ll know what I mean when you read it). She got her way and she got screwed. And although we believe that things are good or bad, that there is good and evil and is either black or white, the book settled in between (what I think must be grey). Nick also evolved as a person and became alive although it was through some… let’s say bizarre stimulus, but he didn’t end up being the same man he was at the beginning.

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